Final Post About Hamster

  1. In the first week / post we had a hamster that was called Bolt and it died because it would not drink water out of the tube. Then our teacher bought us a second hamster and its name is Nibbles, this is the hamster that most of our posts are about. I talk about what are my goals for Nibbles, how long a hamster’s life span is on average depending on if they are in the wild or captivity. There is also a part where I tell you why I wanted a hamster and there are some picture to show what it looks like and how it is doing.
  2. This week we talked about are old hamster called bolt and how he passed away from dehydration and also how Bolt was a very friendly hamster that liked people. There are also parts about where we got the hamster, how long we let bolt get used to his cage before we put him in the hamster ball. Last but not least how long the teddy bear hamster lived for and how bolt passed away and how long we had him for.
  3. During this week and more we found out that our new hamster Nibbles doesn’t really like people like our last one. Also Nibbles, around this time liked to fill up her tube with bedding and traps herself in the top piece of the cage. Then we had to take it out so she could get to her food and water. Nibbles also stared to take her food in her mouth and take it to the top of the cage and bury it like it was going into hibernation.
  4. What happened! Our hamster got out of it cage? Yes, it was like a roller coaster this week because our hamster got out of its cage over the weekend and we didn’t know if we were going find it. Lucky after about two days we put the cage on the ground and it went back into its cage. After that incident was over we also wrote about where they lived and what kind of food a hamster would normally eat.
  5. This week our hamster still doesn’t like to be touched but, it would let some people. For most people it would bite and jump back whenever we tried. Most of this post is about the history of the teddy bear hamsters like other names they are called, where they are from, how they where transported to different place and how more people back then had hamsters as a pet then now.
  6. Most of this post is about how much it would cost to have a hamster such as cage, hamster wheel, dishes, the hamster and more. There is also a description on how the hamster was acceding like how it still doesn’t like people and how people don’t wont to pet it because they know that nibbles bites. There is also one picture of the hamster.
  7. A fact about our hamster is mostly additional information about the kind of hamster we have. There are things like how big they get, how much it should weigh, what the population is, what colours they come in, how the eyesight is terrible, they have good smell, how their teeth grow so, they have to eat hard foods and there is more about the hamster. There is also a part about how the to get your hamster to behave better and get used to you so, you can get to hold your hamster.
  8. Last but not least I talked about how water and air pollution affects hamsters living conditions and health. How much of it is the humans fault but some of the reasons are also natural / environmental things. There are mostly one picture from each week of the hamster to see how much our hamster grew and the signs of normal and abnormal growth for our hamster. There is also a picture of the schedule for the hamster’s maintenance that shows what day we cleaned the cage.

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