Third Article

Puppy Mills

    Puppy mills are when an establishment breeds puppies for sale, typically on an intensive basis and in conditions regarded as inhumane. When they do this they are put in small cages with about 50 puppies in an a area, they don’t get much food, and the adults are over breed which doesn’t give them the time they need to recover. Some breeders will sell up to 150 puppy’s a week, which is not good for any of the dogs health. Why would someone want to buy puppies from a breeder like this? In 2000, a particularly horrendous case uncovered in Quebec and infuriated the nation. The mill was littered with piles of dead, partially eaten dogs, in corners, behind the barn, and even hanging from rafters. Starving adult dogs were found eating their newborn puppies. Some places where puppy mills happen are Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma,South Dakota, Canada and in the US. If they find you are doing this, you can be fined with $60,000 and two years in prison. So in my opinion I would not want to do this even though you might get a lot of money by selling tons of dogs a day. Most of the puppy’s in these puppy mills need a lot of care and might cost a lot of money to get back to an healthy condition. Since  some breeders breed to much and don’t sell all of them always leads to the puppies not having homes and being in the wild or at a pound. In the United States it is  estimated that there are easily over 5,000 puppy mills in operation but, we can’t blame it all on the people that own puppy mills because we are the ones going into the pet store and buying puppies which, increases demand. There are many people protesting against puppy mills and trying to get them shut down because it is cruel to these animals.



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