History of Hamster

Teddy Bear Hamster

This week our hamster still doesn’t like to be petted or touched in any way by us. There are a few people that can touch her like Ms.Cooper, she said that she feed Nibbles by hand and he didn’t jump or try to bite. He has been eating and carrying some of it up to the top floor of her cage, like she is storing the food for the winter, also Nibbles is drinking water (not like our last hamster.)

Our hamster is a teddy bear hamster or it could be called an Syrian hamster, they are also known as golden hamsters. The Syrian or Golden Hamster was named by George Robert Waterhouse, who presented it as a new species in 1839.History and background of this type of hamsters is, there is about 26 species of wild hamster that run free in parts of Europe, Asia, the Middle East and many other places.Today we say, Syrian hamsters are said to have come from a group of wild hamsters captured in Aleppo, Syria. These hamsters were taken to a laboratory in Jerusalem to study their behaviour.When they did this it was probably the first time they were kept as pets,the year was 1946. Back then hamsters were a very popular pet that people would keep, and today most people have cats, dogs and fish for pets.


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