Facts About Our Hamster

Additional Information About Our Hamster

The Teddy Bear Hamster is normally between 15 to 20 cm long and can weigh between 150 to 200 grams. It is also the most common in pet shops and comes in various colours, patterns and hair types. The population of this animal that remains in France’s wild is around 800 but going down. These hamsters come in many colours commonly available including golden, cream, white, black, cinnamon, yellow, silver-grey, dark grey, honey, sable etc. There are also other colours that might only be available from specialist breeders such as lilac, rust, smoke pearl, lilac pearl, silver black, yellow, dove etc.

Most hamsters have terrible eyesight but, their sense of smell is very strong so it helps them find food when they need to. Hamsters do also have good hearing and it’s surprising how quickly young hamsters learn to associate certain clinking sounds of dishes means being fed. Hamsters will learn the sound of voice when you talk to it. Whiskers play an important role while traveling to forage for food in the dark and hamsters dislike having their extremely sensitive whiskers touched so, be careful not to pull them or stroke them. Unlike humans whose permanent teeth do not continue to grow, hamster’s teeth grow throughout their lives, so they need to gnaw to keep the length of their teeth to an acceptable level and to keep them sharp. A basic diet of nuts, grains, and seed will do this. Too much ‘soft food’ will mean that the hamster’s teeth are not being worn down and so can become overgrown. If they are overgrown your vet will be able to trim them back.

How to hold your hamster and get it use to you. With the hamster in the bedding tray, gently cup your hands around the hamster but allow your hamster to run off your hands if it wants to. Wait a few seconds before trying again. Repeat this process until it feels secure sitting in your hand. At this stage don’t lift the hamster up. Do this a few times a day for the first few days and your hamster should be much quieter. Speak gently as you handle your hamster and stroke it gently but avoid touching its head. Once you are happy that you and your hamster have bonded, you can pick your hamster up. To do this place one hand firmly but gently around its body or cup both hands together and lift your hamster up.


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